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Niddy Noddy - S, M or L

Niddy Noddy - S, M or L

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The Niddy Noddy is a must-have for every spinner to create beautiful skeins, every time. Made from turned Silver Beech hardwood, with specially shaped crossbars that allow the skein of yarn to slide off easily when made. Easily dismantled for storage or transportation. 

Niddy Noddy Sampler - This cute little niddy noddy makes a beautiful small 90cm skein, ideal for making samples. 

Niddy Noddy Original - The original all-rounder niddy noddy is a handy accessory for winding yarn from the spinning wheel bobbin to create a 1.5m skein. 

Niddy Noddy Jumbo - Need an extra-large niddy noddy to skein your art yarn? Now you can make huge 2m skeins with the new Jumbo Niddy Noddy.

Ashford products ship directly from the New Zealand warehouse. Orders are placed every Monday and usually arrive within 5 days, depending on stock availability. 

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